Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colonoscopy--Wrote this a few years ago


“Take three deep breaths.”
And let the hour long coma
Take place.  This is the single,
Most amazing feeling in life.
I can completely escape reality.
Don’t have to think about school,
Work, family, lack of a love life,
But for just one hour I don’t have to think.
Thinking is the worst thing I can do.
No senses are at work in this state.
Complete imagination takes over.
It’s as if I’ve found another reality,
Another dimension within my mind.
I only wish I could travel the gurney
Of midnight delight, and ride it to Ink and Write.
Who knows, perhaps this is the same sphere
The opium addict writers of the past found.
This is where I want to be. 

            Yet, I would rather not
Have to go through the process of surgery to find
Home.  I awake and the nurse tells me, “You must
Pass gas or there may be damage.”  I have license to
Fart all I want to.  Another great side-effect.

© T.S. Graveline

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