Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Writing Block- Part 2

This is a continuous segment about Writer's Block.

Today's note is about the nature of some writers, like myself, who struggle to figure out how to make a break through.

Here is what I propose writers do.  Write something! Anything! Even if it's not relevant to your book.  The more you're writing the more engaged your brain is and thus, the more likely you'll break through to the other side of that pesky brick wall.  It doesn't matter how you get there.  Who cares if you climb it, break it, use a police tank as a battering ram, just find a way to get to the green pastures you've been dying to frolic in.

Keep at it folks and remember, just because you passed one wall, doesn't mean more won't come up again. So keep keepin' on like the Brady Bunch.


  1. Whenever I get stumped, I like to do something that is the total opposite to writing. Play with the kids, go for a drive, get drunk...whatever it takes, lol. Great advice TS!

  2. Thanks man, I'm a huge fan of showers and long walks at night to help clear my head.