Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little news and a poem

News first: I have a friend who is going to take over editing duties on the first book.  Hopefully, this means the book gets completed sooner and in your hands.  It really should be a fun experience and will help me grow in my own writing I'm sure.  It always helps to get other perspectives on what is or isn't working.  So be excited about that.

Here is an older poem I thought I'd share that I enjoyed writing:

“Du arme Sau”

A roaring pain
Half of my mid-section is gone
All I can feel is pain
The senses have never been,
Alert like this
Next sensation comes
With warmth and sputters
I can feel it rising
All the way to my throat
Clogging my airways
Lungs gasp for air
Only to soak in the thick red
I gargle blood as if it was water
A cool hand jerks me back down
I don’t remember sitting up
The voice said something
I struggle, but my ears are ringing
So loud, my body crashes
With every second
My eyes flutter to a gray color
I see his dirty coat
No longer white
All is gray
I see her again
Her words icy and blue
“Alles wird gut,” said she
I didn’t believe her, those eyes
Then the most sensational cool came
I woke in the dark
Feeling almost weightless, yet still
Then like a slap
Everything was white
The barbaric thing took me
And caged me
Then she came again
The familiar gray
She held something so painful
I tried to get away
But my stubby fat got in the way
The cool steel punctured me
There was no cooing
She only barked,
“du arme Sau”
And I wailed with pain

Second time she said that

© T. S. Graveline 

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