Monday, March 26, 2012

A poem for one of my favorite romances

The Shepherdess

It was so innocent.  It was pure excitement.
He kissed me and here He stays a month.
I will never forget that touch.  His eyes,
His arms, his breath, and his smell.  Him.
I see him as I pass by, I love how he looks
At me.  Oh the determination.  I hide behind
My sheep, waiting, and wishing I knew his heart.

I knew it was going to happen, I couldn’t stop it
From hurting.  He was furious. His eyes were dejected. 
He dared not look at me.  I saw his sorrow, but
He came through for me.  Why must the customs
Barge our Love? Yet a week has passed and here
We are.  I can taste his sweat, his lips, and his hands.
The joy of love, there was so much sorrow to
Overcome, but I can’t help but be lost in our promise.

His Eyes

I saw Her, and a passion so innate came over me.
I knew not myself, but I knew my other half.
Work was worth every split second of a glimpse.
Just to gaze upon Her moving so gracefully amongst
Her herd.  She is no typical woman, She is the
Shepherdess I wish to watch over my children.  I
Don’t even remember much more than a second.

My heart was torn from me when I woke after.
Leah was next to me, not Rachel.  I cried out,
For I had defaced my love for Her.  Her father
Forced me into another seven, to make fourteen
Years.  Rachel was worth the wait, She may not
Know it, but there was no one else for me.  I
Would have Her.  She is my bride, my true bride. 

© T.S. Graveline

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