Monday, February 27, 2012

A poem I wrote years ago that was in response to Elie Wiesel's Night.

People who know me know how much I love to read and I love finding cool books in stores.  I happened to be vacationing in Boston and went to a really cool college bookstore right next to Harvard University and found a great edition of Night.  I started reading it that day and I couldn't stop.  I just kept reading as I was sucked in by the gripping details and I was fully absorbed by the time Elie and his father were running in the snow all night long.  So here is the response:

My Night

My tears never end
I’ve been running for so long
The guard’s curse commands to run
Run we do, but not as people

We have become savages
Only wanting to survive
We have stopped praying our prayers
Animals -- that is what we are           

My only thought is of food
I can no longer think of a God
I see my brothers and my father
We run together in a pack, like wolves

All of us are thin and dried
Our feet no longer feel
They are burned, and this is the Sahara
Or better yet, our hell

We no longer need our eyes
Instinct took over long ago
Do as you are told, and you may survive
I forget what we are surviving

I vaguely remember a church
A people who loved all
Love, what is that?
Now hate, I know that, but love...

I forget
Hunger -- that is what’s left
Only thing is, sand provides little
All I have are my tears to drink

We are ordered to stop
There is a shift change of guards
Their vehicles glide over and hover
Their suits of red look so endearing

I know they have air conditioning
We have the earth, and her winds
Yet here, they pick up the sand
Then we shed, and bleed, becoming fades

That reminds me of spirits
Ah, I remember a God
One I used to worship
And here I weep, hoping for his love.

© T.S. Graveline

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