Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Writing Block - part 1

I thought I'd start a new segment on areas where I get writer's block or some other struggle within my own stories.

Today, my struggle is with starting a new section of a chapter, but that's not the problem.  It's the fact that I want it to be based on this newer character in the series that needs to be fleshed out more.  Frankly, all that's really known is that she has a fire in her and that she's also kind-hearted.  We don't know her flaws, but I don't want to give her stereotypical flaws.  She needs a uniqueness to her.

I think I may have just figured it out.  It's not something groundbreaking, but it works.  It's a case of identity crisis, but it won't be usual considering the story's framework.

Wow, I just learned something.  Writing about the problem in an avenue like this helps solve writer's block.  I suppose that's lesson one folks!

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